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On Seeing an Old Friend

She was the kind of person who shrank into the background of any scene with a cool breath, but you never forgot her face. Her posture was a throwaway shrug frozen in a constant state of carelessness. She never looked lonely, only like she purposefully desired to be alone. My interruption was met with a lazy gaze over her half-finished cigarette, her arms folded over crossed knees, and she viewed me with near palpable disinterest. I expected that.
"So you go here too," she murmured, not without humour - there was a chuckle echoing in the back of her throat, but not a lively one. Almost contemptuous, or mocking. "As if." The lack of real surprise to see me made my edges feel defined; I was suddenly self-conscious of the lofty smell of my old coat and the innumerable knots in my messy hair. 
"You said you hated English," she said, flicking ash over my answer, "or was that just Cheggers’ lessons?" We both chuckled then, both bored with contemplating something so dismal. I wanted to run away but I was stood knee-deep in my fifteen-year-old self’s shortcomings, I was like a shiny silver CD player stuck on a squeaky, tuneless syllable of a bad pop song: I was sat in a sink in the girls’ loo, watching her scrape her substance from the edge of the night before, I was a satire of myself to the sound of her low, hoarse laughter. 

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Flat tyre / late-night train journey aesthetic

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Anonymous asked: Why do you have a strange name? Are you russian or what?

I don’t think my name is strange, really; just not British… I’m from Northern England but I’m named after my grandmother, who was from Saint Petersburg, Russia. So I am Russian, or what, I guess. 

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Check out the awesome poster for the Lexington shows! This will be available to buy at the shows as an A1 screenprint. Special thanks to Justine Figueiredo for making it!

Can’t wait for this!
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Check out the awesome poster for the Lexington shows! This will be available to buy at the shows as an A1 screenprint. Special thanks to Justine Figueiredo for making it!

Can’t wait for this!

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Idlewild | In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction

And even if the breath between us smells of alcohol 
We call it confusion in the best way possible 

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Anonymous asked: This is probably a really stupid question but... How do you pronounce your name? i'm asking because I've heard it pronounced many different ways

It’s not a stupid question. I’m surprised that you’ve heard it pronounced in different ways though, because I’m named after my grandmother and I’ve only heard it said as Gal-ee-nah (I hope that makes sense, I find typing it phonetically quite difficult, I don’t want it to be confusing).

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[Personal Update]

I’ve been in London for over a week now. It’s surreal, like something I’ve wanted for so long has come true and I’m literally living my dream. I had my first lecture today, by the way.
It was, in all honesty, really nerve-wracking and scary and there are already whispers of word-counts and reading lists and it’s just terrifying. But the lecture was super interesting (it was on the arguable relevance of the Victorian era - and it’s literature - in today’s degree-level studies) and then I had a seminar straight afterwards and everyone there seemed so nice. We all had to choose a character from a book that we’d like to be - I chose Helen of Troy because she is a total icon of beauty and independence (like, the first one ever).

It’s really nice living here - the university is really, really close by and it’s surrounded by such cool and interesting places. On my second day I walked to the train station and whilst waiting for the train I could see a pub with a huge neon sign that says “TAKE COURAGE”, which actually really helped. I also walked up to the biggest hill in the area and from there I could see right from Canary Wharf to Battersea.

My halls of residence are also very nice and everyone seems really friendly. It was my birthday on Wednesday and I was really ill, but they baked me a cake, brought me a card and offered me a hot drink regardless of how unsociable I was (which was very). The showers are very low pressure which means it takes me a lot longer to get my hair clean, but I don’t really mind. The other lovely thing is my view, which looks over the Orangery, the Annexe and the gardens just outside. There are always some people sat out there in the evenings which doesn’t bother me at all, I actually quite like the quiet sound of chatter. Tomorrow I am cooking tea here for Jack, that is, if I can get past the thin layer of grime and general debris of student living that has already built up in there. 

My guitar didn’t fit in the car. I’m missing it a lot. Sometimes when I look into my own eyes in the mirror I feel like I’ve let myself down because I stopped trying to become a musician. I think that my younger self would be really angry at me and that hurts because I’m trying. It’s something that is almost too painful to even write about so I won’t.
My mum sent me my cacti (that I left at home) in the post! They got some soil on them in transit but I don’t mind. I named the one on the left Regis, then Jack named the middle one Theodore and Kirsten named the last one Neville. 

There’s still a lot of things I want to see, especially since getting here I’ve added lots of new things to my list. There’s a tiny, grim-looking local caribbean café/take-away that smells absolutely amazing and a film night at the local pub. I also really want to go and see some of the paintings that were referred to in my lecture today, as they’re in the Tate and the National Portrait Gallery (both of which are already on my list). 

That’s all for now. More soon.


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Pre-Birthday Birthday Day; parts I through VII.
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For my birthday, Jack took me on a “Yorkshire Appreciation Day” - we had breakfast (bacon) in Haworth; shopped at a vintage fair in York and had dinner at The Star Inn in Harome - which was incredible food. It was brilliant! Jack bought a really cute mug and some jam in Haworth and then he found an adorable “I love my keyboard" badge in York! Then we drank hand made lemonade and saw a man playing an upright in the middle of King’s Square - he played the Star Wars theme, which was awesome (and note perfect).

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Euan's Kingdom
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Euan's Kingdom

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